Officers of Research

       All individuals conducting research at the University by participating actively in a formal research program of a department, school, institute, or center must hold an appointment as an officer of research. The President appoints all officers of research on the advice of the Provost, except for student officers who are appointed by the Secretary of the University. Appointment as an officer of research for anyone who is not a student may be made to the grades organized into three categories: professional, postdoctoral, and staff officers of research. No officer of research may simultaneously hold two different officer of research titles.

       Those who are also providing instructional services are given second appointments as officers of instruction.

       The University does not offer courtesy appointments to scientists or scholars who wish to be affiliated with it to pursue their own research without collaborating with University faculty or officers of research. Such individuals may, instead, be eligible for the designation of visiting scientist or visiting scholar or short-term visitor (see Visitors).

Updated October 28, 2022