Statement of Ethical Conduct and Compliance Hotline

       As one of the premier academic and research institutions in the world, the University sets expectations of the highest standards of ethical conduct. Integrity and ethical behavior are key values and are the responsibility of every member of the Columbia community. The University counts on every member of the community to adhere to these principles and to promote a positive working environment. In that spirit, Columbia asks that all members of the community familiarize themselves with the Statement of Ethical Conduct.

       Every member of the University community is asked to be aware of the University’s mutual commitment to ethics and compliance. Collective commitment to these values ensures that the reputation of the institution is maintained. A community member with an ethical or compliance concern may access a variety of resources. They may be able to discuss the concern with a supervisor or another responsible person in the relevant school or department or with one of the many specialized compliance resources around the University. For additional information on University compliance, including policies and training links, please visit the University Compliance website.

       Additionally, the Compliance Hotline serves as another possible channel for employees to report or seek guidance on possible ethical or compliance issues. It is available to all members of the University community, including faculty, staff, and students by phone (866) 627-3768 and through online reporting with the option to report anonymously. Retaliation against those who report an ethical or compliance concern in good faith is strictly prohibited.

Updated October 18, 2022